Take Away Menu

The Curry House Bristol


1. Onion Bhaji £2.25
Sliced onions mixed with various Eastern spices, gram flour shaped into balls and deep fried.

2. Lamb or Vegetable Somosa £2.25
Crispy triangular patties stuffed with either minced lamb or vegetable filing.

3. Shami Kebab £2.75
Exotic patties made of minced lamb, garlic & ginger roots, seasoned with fresh herbs & fried in a little ghee.

4. Reshmi Kebab £2.60
Mince patties bedded on an omelette dressing.

5. Sheek Kebab £2.75
Minced lamb mixed with fresh herbs, barbecued in a clay oven.

6. Tandoori Chicken £2.95
Spring Chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs & spices, Barbecued in a clay oven.

7. Chicken Tikka £2.75
Boneless chicken marinated in herbs & spices, barbecued in a clay oven.

8. Lamb Tikka £2.95
Lamb marinated in herbs & exotic spices, barbecued in a clay oven.

9. Salmon Tikka £5.95
Salmon fillets marinated in herbs & exotic spices, barbecued in a tandoori oven

10. Paneer Tikka £2.75
Cubes of Paneer, a delicate Indian Cheese, marinated in herbs & spices, barbecued in a tandoori oven.

11. Prawn Puree £2.95
Small succulent shrimps simmering in light spices, served on a puree.

10. Prawn Cocktail £2.30
Prawns served with lettuce & cocktail sauce.

12. Tandoori King Prawn £4.95
King sized prawns marinated in fresh yoghurt & pickled spices. Barbecued in a tandoori oven.

13. King Prawn Butterfly £3.95
King prawn coated in breadcrumbs fried in oil. Slightly crispy.

14. Pepper Lamb or Chicken £3.95
Green peppers stuffed with Lamb or Chicken coooked in the tandoori oven.

15. Chicken Chat £3.95
Sliced chicken tossed with onions, peppers & keera (cucumber) spiced with chat massalla.

16. Spicy Mushrooms £3.40
Whole mushrooms stuffed with potato in a spicy garlic sauce.

17. Mixed Kebab £5.95
Sheek kebab, shami kebab, chicken tikka & onion bhaji

Biryani Dishes

All the following dishes are stir fried with Basmati rice and served With vegetable curry.

18. Lamb £7.95
19. Chicken Tikka £8.95
20. Vegetable £6.95
21. Prawn £7.95
22. King Prawn £9.95
23. Chicken £7.95
24. Lamb Tikka £8.95
25. Tandoori Chicken £7.95

Tandoori Grills

26. Chicken Tikka £4.95
Boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and mixture of spices. Barbecued in a clay oven.

27. Lamb Tikka £5.95
Lamb cubes marinated in a special recipe & cooked in a clay oven.

28. Salmon Tikka £9.95
Salmon fillets marinated in herbs & exotic spices, barbecued in a tandoori oven

29. Tandoori Machlee £6.95
Fresh rainbow trout marinated in herbs & exotic spices, barbecued in a tandoori oven

30. Tandoori Chicken £5.95
Half chicken marinated in pickled Tandoori paste yoghurt & spices, barbecued in Tandoori oven.

31. Chicken or Lamb Shashlick £6.95
Chicken or Lamb tikka, tomatoes, green peppers & onions marinated in tandoori sauce, skewered and barbecued in the tandoori oven.

32. Tandoori King Prawns £9.95
King prawns marinated with yoghurt & various spices. Barbecued in Tandoori oven.

33. Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.95
Pieces of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheekh kebab, served with a Naan bread.

34. King Prawn Shashlick £10.95
King prawns skewered in a tandoori with tomato, peppers & onions in chefs special sauce.

Seafood Dishes

35. Prawn or Tilapia Korma £4.95
Cooked in a creamy sauce, herbs & nuts, very mild.

36. Prawn or Tilapia Curry - Saucy, medium hot £4.95

37. Prawn or Tilapia Madras - Fairly hot £4.00

38. Prawn Vindaloo or Tilapia – Very hot £4.95

39. Prawn or Tilapia Bhuna £4.95
Prawns cooked in fresh ground spices in a special thick sauce.

40. Prawn or Tilapia Pathia £4.95
Slightly hot, sweet & sour cooked with tomatoes & thick sauce.

41. Prawn or Tilapia Mushroom £4.95
Medium spiced curry cooked with mushrooms

42. Sag Prawn or Tilapia £4.95
Prawns or Tilapia & fresh spinach cooked with onions, capsicum & spices.

43. Prawn or Tilapia Dhansak £4.95
Prawns or Tilapia cooked with lentils & flavoured fenugreek: hot, sweet & sour.

44. King Prawn Madras £8.95
Fairly hot.

45. King Prawn Vindaloo £8.95
Very hot.

46. King Prawn Bhuna £8.95
Cooked in fresh ground spices in a thick sauce.

47. King Prawn Korma £8.95
King Prawns delicately flavoured with saffron & cooked in fresh cream.

48. King Prawn Pathia £8.95
King Prawns cooked in slightly hot, sweet & sour sauce with tomatoes.

49. King Prawn Dhansak £8.95

King Prawns cooked with lentils & flavoured with fenugreek: hot, sweet and sour.

Chef Specialities

50. Chicken or lamb Tikka Massala £5.95
A wonderful combination of flavours, with coconut, tomatoes, almonds & crushed cashew nuts in a creamy sauce.

51. King Prawn Chilli Massala £9.95
Cooked in hot & sour sauce with fresh green chillies.

52. King Prawn Kara Massala £9.95

Cooked with fresh ginger & green peppers with medium sauce.

53. King Prawn Karahi £9.95
King prawns cooked with chopped onions, sliced ginger, capsicum, tomatoes & fresh spices.

54. King Prawn Bahar £9.95
Whole king prawns cooked in medium spiced thick sauce, fresh coriander, tomatoes, onions & chefs own recipe.

55. Tandoori King Prawn Massala £9.95
King prawns barbecued in Tandoori oven and simmered in Massala sauce.

56. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Karahi £6.95
Cubes of chicken or lamb tikka cooked with chopped onions, sliced ginger, capsicum, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

57. Chicken or Lamb Badami £8.95
chicken or lamb tikka cooked in cream, butter beans, almonds, sultanas & chefs own special recipe. servd with pilau rice

58. Chicken Kara Massala £8.95

Marinated Chicken tossed in fresh ginger & green peppers cooked in medium sauce (with rice).

59. Chicken Tikka Chilli Massala £8.95
Chicken tikka with fresh green chilli cooked in hot & sour sauce served with pilau rice.

60. Hara Chicken £5.95
Chicken tikka marinated in spiced yoghurt, then cooked with whole spices & garnished with fresh coriander.

61. Honey Chicken £5.95
Chicken tikka cooked with mild spices in a honey sauce.

62. Chicken or Lamb Badhonia £5.95
Chicken or Lamb cooked with butter beans & lots of fresh coriander in a thick medium sauce with chefs own recipe.

63. Sobji Chicken £5.95
Chicken cooked in a fairly hot thick sauce with fresh mixed vegetables.

64. Butter Chicken £5.95
Chicken tikka cooked in the tandoori & prepared in a rich butter sauce & exotic spices.

65. Chicken Tikka Bhuna £5.95
Semi dry cooked with herbs & spices, tomatoes, onions, peppers & coriander.

66. Naga Chicken or Lamb - Hot £5.95
Traditional Bangladeshi “chilli.” Naga gives a lovely aroma mixed with whole spices in a very spicy sauce.

67. Achari Chicken or Lamb - Medium Hot £5.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with lime & mango pickle & fresh corriander.

68. Shatkora Chicken or Lamb £5.95
Bangladeshi lime (shatkora) cooked with chefs special spices in a medium hot sauce.

Chicken Or Lamb Dishes

69. Chicken or Lamb Curry £4.50/£4.75
Saucy, medium.

70. Chicken or Lamb Korma £4.50/£4.75
Mild in a creamy sauce.

71. Chicken or Lamb Pasanda £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or Lamb cooked in red wine and fresh cultured yoghurt very mild.

72. Chicken or Lamb Malaya £4.50/£4.75
Boneless Chicken cooked in mild sauce with a selection of fruits.

73. Chicken or Lamb Dopiaza £4.50/£4.75
Medium spiced chicken or lamb cooked with chopped onions in a thick spicy sauce.

74. Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo £4.50/£4.75
Very hot.

75. Aloo Gosht £4.75
Lamb cooked in ground spices, garlic & potatoes.

76. Rogan Chicken or Lamb £4.50/£4.75

Chicken or Lamb prepared in semi dry sauce garnished with fresh coriander & tomatoes.

77. Saag Chicken or Lamb £4.50/£4.75
A combination of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh spinach, coriander & other fragrant herbs.

78. Methi £4.50/£4.75
Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with emthi leaves (fenugreek) and our chef's special medium spiced recipes.

79. Dhansak £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or Lamb cooked with lentils & flavoured with fenugreek hot, sweet & sour.

80. Chicken or Lamb Pathia £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or Lamb cooked in slightly hot, sweet & sour sauce with fresh coriander & tomatoes.

81. Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi £4.50/£4.75
Succulent pieces of spring chicken or lamb cooked in a variety of green chillies. Hot

82. Chicken Chana Massala £4.50/£4.75
Pieces of chicken cooked with chickpeas in a fairly hot sauce.

83. Hundi Chicken or Lamb £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or Lamb cooked in spiced medium hot thick sauce with tomatoes & green chillies.

84. Chicken or Lamb Garlic Massala £4.50/£4.75
Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh garlic and chef's special mixture of ground spices.

85. Chicken or Lamb Ceylon £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or lamb cooked with fairly hot spices, coconut and lemon.

86. Chicken or Lamb Madras £4.50/£4.75
Fairly hot.

87. Chicken or Lamb Bhuna £4.50/£4.75
Chicken or lamb cooked in a medium thick sauce with tomatoes and onions.

Side Dishes

88. Mixed Vegetables – Curried or dried £2.75
89. Bhindi Bhaji – Okra £2.75
90. Mushroom Bhaji £2.75
91. Cauliflower Bhaji £2.75
92. Sag Bhaji – Spinach £2.75
93. Dhal Tarka – Lentil with fried garlic £2.75
94. Bombay Aloo – Hot potatoes £2.75
95. Aloo Gobi – Potatoes & Cauliflower £2.75
96. Chana Massala – Chicken Peas £2.75
97. Sag Aloo – Potatoes & Spinach £2.75
98. Sag Paneer – Spinach & Cheese £2.75
99. Matar Paneer – Peas & Cheese £2.75
100. Keema Aloo - Minced Lamb & Potato £2.75

Balti Dishes

101. Balti Chicken or Lamb Tikka £5.95
Chicken or Lamb tikka cooked with pepper, onions, garlic and tomatoes.

102. Mixed Balti £6.95
Chicken, lamb tikka & prawns cooked all in one with onions, garlic, tomatoes & pepper with balti sauce.

103. Rezala Balti £6.95
Lamb or Chicken tikka cubes & sheek kebab cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes in spicy hot balti sauce.

104. Jeera Balti £5.95
Lamb tikka cooked with whole jeera, onions, green peppers. Simmered in medium balti sauce.

105. Balti King Prawn £8.95

King sized prawns cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes & peppers.

106. Baltic Chicken, Lamb or Prawn £4.95
Medium sauce

107. Vegetable Balti £4.95
Cooked with medium balti sauce

Indian Sundries

108. Pilau Rice - Basmati rice with Ghee £2.25
109. Boiled Rice - Steamed Rice £1.95
110. Mushroom Rice – Basmati rice stir fried with mushrooms £2.60
111. Vegetable Rice – Basmati rice with vegetables £2.60
112. Egg Fried Rice – with egg £2.60
113. Special Fried Rice – Basmati rice with peas & egg £2.60
114. Plain Papadum – Crispy poppadum £1.25
115. Spicy Papadum – Spicy & crispy £0.70
116. Chutneys £2.00
117. Plain Naan – Puffy bread cooked in the Tandoori oven £1.95
118. Garlic Naan – Naan stuffed with garlic £2.25
119. Keema Naan – Naan stuffed with minced meat £2.25
120. Peshwari Naan – sweet Naan £2.25
121. Chilli Naan - chopped fresh green chillis £2.25
122. Paratha - Fried flaky round bread cooked in ghee. £2.25
123. Stuffed Paratha - stuffed with vegetables £2.25
124. Chapatti - Thin Bread £1.25
125. Tandoori Roti - Thinner version of the naan bread. £1.50
126. Raita - Cucumber or onion. £1.30
127. Chips £1.95


128. Coke / Diet Coke / 7UP .75
129. Still or Sparkling Water £1.50

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Any dish can be made as a vegetarian option.

The managment reserves the right to refuse service.

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